Frequently Asked Questions

If you source everything from the tip for free, and you are a non-profit organization, why can’t I get anything I want for $2?

It is true that rescuing valuable, reusable materials prior to landfill is a fairly unique way of obtaining inventory, and it might appear that we we get everything for “free”- much like the fish in the oceans are “free”. Few people would argue, however, that fisherpeople should not be paid for what they do.

So it might help to think of us as fishers of the tip. Tipping Point has to pay workers for a job that at times can be difficult, unpleasant and hazardous; run and maintain a truck and upcycling equipment; and pay expenses like any other business. While we can promise to sell our inventory cheaper than anywhere else in the city, our pricing must enable us to meet our costs and ensure we can also support MPHS’s ongoing community initiatives.

What’s your return policy?

Most of our goods are sold as-is however we can refund electronic products that are tagged as operational within 48 hours with a valid receipt.

What kind of goods do you accept?

Please see our Donate section for a complete listing of goods we accept.

Can I get a discount for dropping off goods?

Absolutely! We currently give credit off your way-station bill for goods donated over 20kg or we can give a percentage discount off your total bill. So, for example, if you get weighed-in at 50kg and you drop off 20kg with us, we can give you credit for 20kg and you will only be charged for 30kg when you exit the transfer station.