Shopping at Tipping Point

Welcome to Tipping Point! We divert waste from landfill and sell these items to the public so they can find a new life in your home and community. Our inventory is always changing but check out some of the categories of items below to give you a sense of what we have to sell. Most of our customers simply drop by to find a surprise gem, that’s half the fun!

Building Materials including wood, fencing, doors, windows, sinks, toilets and much more.




Outdoor and camping barbecues, bicycles and bike parts


Wide range of furniture including couches, shelving, bed frames, mattresses, chairs, tables and much more.





Books ($1 each), clothes and shoes for women, men and children, jewellery, bed sheets and more.








Don’t ask what we have to sell, because the answer is neverending! We divert as many quality items from landfill as we can so there is always a wide selection of items. Whether you’re looking for something for your home, a gift for a friend or family member, or simply want to try something new we always have something that can peak your interest. Our prices are also the best in town so it’s always worth a look before going elsewhere. Buying from Tipping Point saves money, reduces your impact on the environment and helps our support charitable programs in the Henderson and wider Auckland community.